At RaiStone Wealth Partners, we believe the value of your net worth is more than just a number.

It is a culmination of your efforts, trust, and the relationship you’ve built with your financial professional that defines your financial wellbeing. The RaiStone Discovery meeting helps us both to understand the value we can offer as your financial planning resource.

At your first appointment:

Our Discovery survey asks you a series of questions, including basic contact and personal information. We start by discussing what concerns you have about savings today, and your ideas for tomorrow. Together we’ll review your current accounts and what your personal financial approach has been to-date.

We’ll talk about the goals you'd like to achieve:

  • Accumulation: such as saving for education, a second home, travel, a future or current business, or other purchases
  • Income Protection: such as mortgages, debts, spousal/family death benefits, disability, long-term care
  • Wealth Preservation: such as inheritance, estate transfers, wills and trusts, charitable gifts
  • Other Goals: all the goals and topics that are important to you

We will review your financial picture:

We will discuss your current income, assets and liabilities. We’ll discuss risk tolerance to determine if your investment preferences are more aggressive, moderate or conservative. We will also discuss any anticipated life changes, such as having children, getting a divorce, job changes, retirement, or plans to buy/sell a business, etc. After this thorough discussion of your wants, needs and goals, we learn what financial “success” means to you, and tailor your plan accordingly.

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